Creativity and memorable communication go hand in hand.  I believe that every small business can benefit from creative tactics combined with traditional marketing strategy consulting to discover and develop opportunities to effectively communicate with their audience.

Whether you’d like to be a more flexible thinker, reconnect to your creativity, or develop new strategies for creative thinking, I offer personal coaching and consulting services to help you develop your unique creative strengths and better communicate your ideas. 

Creativity Coaching

Creativity. Connection. Direction.

Inspired by the extraordinary point where pen meets paper, The Paper Compass is dedicated to nurturing creative thinking and crafting memorable communication strategies for individuals and small businesses.  



Reading & Recommended

Tara Mohr

Playing Big

There are so many amazing, mind-blowing insights and information in this book that I 

just want to buy it in bulk and gift it to all my female friends.  A true game changer.  (The Audible reading is also wonderful.)

Louise De Salvo

The Art of Slow Writing

One of the most important books I have read on the hands-dirtying work of the creative process.  While she focuses on writing, I feel that there are many important insights that are valuable to any creative and their endeavors.

Events, Notables & On My Mind

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The spring semester has wrapped up! A huge thank you to Lowell Makes and Dana-Farber Friends' Place for their generous participation as clients in my Emerson Collge IMC Capstone course.