Creativity and communication go together like paper and pencils. 

Essential to our human nature, the illumination of having an idea and the insight on how to bring it into being or share it with others shape the quality of our lives.  

Creativity is a skill. When we learn to harness our creativity through good habits, or reconnect with it after years of it feeling dormant, we find that we more agile in our thinking and more innovative in our problem solving.  

Knowing and practicing creative techniques that are a good fit for your unique creative ability, or your company's culture, can bring fresh thinking and new purpose to your professional and personal life.

Inspired by the ordinary and extraordinary point where pen meets paper, The Paper Compass is dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses become smarter thinkers and more effective and memorable communicators.

Find out how we can help you rejuvinate your creative abilities.

Brenna McCormick

Brenna McCormick is the proprietor of The Paper Compass.  Her passion for studying and teaching creative thinking has led her to focus her career on sharing strategic divergent thinking skills that allow individuals to develop greater creative confidence and companies to develop cultures that foster collaborative and innovative thinking.

By day, Brenna works for a digital marketing company and by night, is an affiliate faculty member, teaching Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, and IMC Capstone in the Graduate Integrated Marketing Communications program at Emerson College in Boston, MA. 

Her career began with eight years in the stationery industry which instilled in her a love of all things tactile and tangible when weaving together ideas, strategy and storytelling.


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